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Acrylic Pourable Crack Filler
Fills cracks up to 1/2” wide in asphalt or concrete recreational surfaces.
Acrylic Trowel Grade Filler
Fills small or large cracks in asphalt or concrete tennis courts.
Acrylic Binder
Patch mixes based on Acrylic Binder are designed for filling low
spots up to 1/2” deep.
Acrylic Primer
Can be used as a priming material and will help with the adhesion of REC-TECH Color Coat.
Acrylic Resurfacer
Fills surface imperfections and provides a smooth, well
prepared surface.
Color Coat
Attractive, non-fading acrylic finish for asphalt and concrete tennis courts.
Tennis Court Line Paint
A textured, 100% acrylic paint, designed for use on asphalt and concrete tennis courts.