Oxi-Bond™ Latex Primer Concentrate


To improve bonding of pavement sealers

Also see pump for application

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A highly efficient easy-to-use primer for exposed aggregate or polished asphalt, old porous or oxidized surfaces, oil spots, or fresh hot mix patches. OXI-BOND PRIMER improves the performance and longevity of all pavement sealers applied over it. Make OXI-BOND PRIMER an itemized part of your bids and proposals to enhance your image, improve your jobs and increase your profit.

Application/Dry Time

Application: Dilute 50/50 with water. Apply by spray, brush, or roller.

Drying Time: 30-60 minutes for subsequent sealcoating.


Coverage: 180-360 sq. ft. per gallon (.025-.05 gallon per sq. yd.)