Amazing “Sealer Cleaner” for removing tar and asphalt
Water soluble, non-caustic

Sold in 1 gallon bottles

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OIL-FLO SAFETY SOLVENT is such a versatile, effective cleaner you’ll wonder how you got along without it. Very economical and easy to apply, it contains no chlorinated hydrocarbons and comes ready to use. It is non-foaming with slow evaporation. Remove tar or asphalt from just about anything. Remove grease and oil from concrete. Dissolve gasoline or hydraulic spills. Clean exhaust soot off vehicles. Remove old decals and stickers. Clean safety cones of oil, tire marks, asphalt, etc.


Spray it on using the handy trigger spray bottle. Work it in or agitate with a brush. Rinse with cold water. Excellent for use on concrete, wood, metal, painted surfaces, glass, masonry, carpet, fabrics.